Thursday, December 24, 2015

Stocking Stuffer

My mantra this week is this: Peace. Love. Joy. Harmony. It's more than my mantra, it's my wish for you this holiday season. And myself too. Let's all of us, everyone, have a holiday full of peace, love, joy and harmony, shall we? As I spend the holidays with my family, all together under one roof celebrating Christmas our way - which, in case you were wondering, consists of food, champagne, everyone giving my father their undivided attention (which is the only Christmas present he really wants and never seems to really get), Scrabble, gifts, family debates, more food, more champagne, Cribbage, movies, Boggle, another glass of champagne, a little bit more food and a long nap - I hope you find peace, love, joy and harmony celebrating in whatever way you celebrate or relax with your loved ones.

To help you enjoy your holiday a little bit more, here's a specially crafted playlist with the most palatable Chistmassy, Wintery Holiday music I could find. Think of it as a sweet little stocking stuffer from the Mistress of the Mix. 

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