Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sticky Notes, My Stepson & Bob The Poptart

My desk. Today.

My desk is a freaking mess. It's covered with cds I haven't opened,entertainment and trade magazines I haven't read, scripts and underwriting contracts I need to file, checks I need to deposit, coffee mugs I need to wash, and underneath it all is a desktop calendar with notes scribbled all over it with numbers for phone calls I have hopefully returned. The month isn't even for December or November, I'm still stuck back in August. At least its the right year.

Clearly I need to do a little Spring cleaning.

 Or hire a maid.

Or just get off my ass and spend today organizing my desk and filing about 4 years worth of paper.

So as I start to clear off the mess, going through every scrap of paper and every scratch of handwriting to see what can be thrown away and what needs to be saved (or dealt with immediately), I start making a pile of sticky notes.
The evidence. Note that my desk calendar is now up to date.

These are very important sticky notes. You see, every time I come across a song that strikes a chord or I suddenly recall a song that I thought I'd forgotten forever, but it was really just lurking there in the dark, shadowy corners of my memory banks, I have a tendency to write it down on a piece of paper. You know, as something to get to later. Like cleaning off my desk. Because there's always later.

I've got the name Chet Faker written down. Not a typo. Not Chet Baker, Chet Faker. Real name Nicholas James Murphy, but I didn't know that the first time I heard the cool sounds of this Aussie musician doing his own version of "No Diggity" as I was sitting around the fire pit at 7 Devils Brewing Company while visiting my sister-in-law earlier this year in Coos Bay, Oregon. I liked it enough to write it down on a sticky note and carried it all the way back home with me.

There's another note with "Disclosure - You & Me - Flume" written on it. I can't recall the circumstances behind finding this musical gem, but I'm going to trust myself that I liked it. Otherwise, why write it down and give it the distinction of keeping it on my desk along with an empty jar of ibuprofen, a hair tie and a bottle of clear nail polish?

And then there's the extensive list of cool songs my 19-year old stepson Jesse turned me on to while he was driving us back home from a road trip a few months ago. I had an eye infection, so he was driving. In my car, that means driver picks the tunes and shotgun shuts her piehole. He plugged his iPod in, turned up the music, and let me just say this. It's not always easy being a stepmom. But Jesse has made my job pretty darned easy. There was that one time that we won't mention here, but other than that, we're a pretty solid team of Best Stepmom Ever and Best Stepson In The World. I didn't think it was possible to get a whole lot prouder of him after he was promoted to night manager after about a month on the job at Tops Market, but then he played his music for me. Yuma, Flux Pavilion, Carmen Forbes and . And I liked it. I mean I really liked it. Enough to take notes.

I've also got a note that I wrote to myself months and months and I'm just gonna say even more months ago when Bob the Poptart was over at the house, cooking up something wonderful in the kitchen like she always does and impressing me with her music choices, which she also does consistently. I don't know how Amanda Hetzel got the nickname Bob the Poptart, but my daughter's good friend since the 6th grade (who is now a co-worker of Jesse's at the supermarket) has always been called that in my household. If she were to call me right now, that's the name that would pop up on my iPhone.

Anyway, Bob the Poptart is quite possibly the most musically obsessed person I know besides myself. She goes to tons of concerts, has hobnobbed with all the cool indie bands, and is always playing me something brand new that nobody else has heard of yet. Seriously, sound like someone you know? And my husband wonders why she calls me Mom. So Bob played a couple of tunes that just blew me away. One of them was so great that I couldn't believe it wasn't at the top of the charts. I wrote it down on a sticky note. Stressed Out by 21 Pilots. Months and months and maybe even more months later, that song is now moving faster up the charts than any other song around. And I've had it sitting right here all along on a sticky note.

Since I'm getting off my butt and undertaking the long overdue task of cleaning off my desk today, I'm also gathering all my sticky notes and putting together this long overdue Spotify playlist of cool tunes that have been stuck in my craw, and literally stuck to my desk. I think you're gonna like it. All 90 minutes of it. Because that's about how long it's going to take me to clean off my desk.

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