Saturday, June 8, 2013

Freaking Awesome Music

So tonight, I'm in the kitchen making dinner, and I say to my daughter, "Play some tunes."
She gets onto the laptop, tip taps away at the keyboard for a few minutes, and starts playing some really awesome music that I've never heard before. Really great stuff! Foreign music. American music....all kinds of music. Dare I say, it was freaking awesome music! It's moments like these when I realize that I've had some kind of profound influence on my offspring, because she loves music like I love music, and apparently not only does she have great taste (because we still groove on the same tunes, & still push the table out of the way & dance with wild abandon in the dining room), but she's also got music up her sleeve to surprise me with from time to time! I don't know where she finds this stuff, but it's good!
A little later, after dinner's done and I'm finally taking a few minutes to breathe, I sit down at the laptop with a pink grapefruit & fresh lime martini (aaaah!) to see what's happening on Facebook.
I pull up my web browser, which was minimized on the computer, and see the results of my daughter's last Google search: What Music Is Freaking Awesome?
So that's her secret. She types What Music Is Freaking Awesome into a search engine, and starts streaming the results on Grooveshark.
Gotta love that girl!
In fact, I gotta honor that girl.
So let me introduce to some music perhaps you've never heard of today. But lemme tell's Freaking Awesome! And it's all unexpected guest playlist from my offspring:

Freaking Awesome Music by Sophie Lou on Grooveshark

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