Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Incredible True Fantasy of the Mistress of the Mix

Today I'm inviting you on a very special trip. A journey into one of my wildest, outrageous fantasies. Join me as we step into the technicolor film loop with surround sound that plays inside my head every time I step into the shower or get behind the wheel.  Get your minds out of the gutter, my little Sex-O-Matic Venus Freaks. This is a self-indulgent fantasy starring yours truly that's actually quite family-friendly. In fact, I think every family should share one of these fantasies.

I can't believe I'm about to share this with you all, right out here on the big ol' internet, but here goes. My true confession. I have this crazy fantasy of having my own lounge act. And I'm not half bad, I'll have you know! In my fantasy I'm a sultry voiced alto in a Jessica Rabbit dress, singing my heart out in a Holiday Inn. I've got a guy who can play pretty much anything in my key on a baby grand, a stand-up bass player and a drummer who really knows how to use that little wire brush on the snare drum when it's called for. The audience loves me, and I'm crooning to a full house. Thomas Lauderdale is sitting in the back, and he's so impressed, that he's asking me to go on tour with Pink Martini while China Forbes recovers from surgery on her vocal chords. And I am in heaven.

If you've ever been stopped at one of those insanely long red-lights that Redding's intersections are famous for, and you happened to glance over at a vaguely familiar looking blonde woman singing at the top of her lungs in a silver Hyundai, that'd be me, living out my fantasy. If I'm on the road for more than five minutes, my fantasy film reel always starts playing as long as I'm picking out the music.

On my iPod I actually have a playlist called We Sing In The Car, and that is where today's list comes from. Straight outta my iPod. The playlist is filled with songs that fit right into my nightclub chanteuse fantasy. Songs that have great harmonies, that I have somehow learned all the words to, and have lasted the test of time. Some of these go back to my teenage years. The last few songs on the list date back to my daughter's infancy. I used to tape song lyrics to the wall above her crib and her diaper changing table so that I was always singing to her as I changed her or put her down for a nap. Today we have some of our best moments on long road trips singing along to these songs. It's quite possible that we sound absolutely awful, but nobody would ever know if they pulled up beside us on the freeway. We're just two chicks having a blast, singing along to Doris Day.

If you ever decide to make a family road trip singalong playlist, I wanna know what you put on it! Otherwise, feel free to steal from mine. They're all great. If you're an alto.

Enjoy today's playlist on Grooveshark!

We Sing In The Car by Valerie Ing-Miller on Grooveshark

The songs on today's playlist:
  1. Cas Haley - Release Me my current favorite, which means my neighbors are currently hearing me belt this at the top of my longs every morning in the shower.
  2. Pink Martini - Hey Eugene When Pink Martini played the Cascade Theatre a few years ago, I joked from the stage that China had taken a fall down the green room stairs and I'd be replacing her for the evening because I knew all the words to every song already. You didn't know I was telling the truth!!
  3. Ali Campbell - You Could Meet Somebody the lead singer of UB40 is one of my favorite all time crooners. His solo album Big Love is one of my all-time favorites.
  4. Doris Day - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Strictly Ballroom introduced me to this gem. If I had to choose just one song to sing publicly to prove my prowess as a singer - basically, if I had to try out for American Idol - not that I'm gonna, I'm just sayin'... this'd be my audition.
  5. Bob Schneider - Big Blue Sea This one is a favorite for my little sister and me for those rare moments when we're on the road together. Plus, any song that starts out with "Guess it's time to face the pooper" is ace in my book.
  6. Aimee Mann - That's Just What You Are  
  7. Pink Martini - Hold On Little Tomato If the good folks at American Idol invite me back for a second listen, I'm singing this one.
  8. Sarah McLachlan - Blackbird I used to sing this song to my belly when I was pregnant, and I still have a soft spot for it.
  9. Bette Midler - PS I Love You This song gets me so worked up that I can't actually sing it all the way through without tearing up. But what a beautiful song. And nobody sings it like Bette Midler.
  10. Rufus Wainwright - One Man Guy  
  11. Aimee Mann - Save Me  Here's another song that always brings me to tears when I sing along to a phrase that I used to think was written directly to me "I can tell, you know what it's like; the long farewell of a hunger strike."
  12. The Rescues - Can't Stand The Rain 
  13. Ben Folds & Regina Spektor - You Don't Know Me 
  14. Regina Spektor - Fidelity
  15. Bette Midler - Billy-A-Dick 
  16. Ben Harper -Steal My Kisses
  17. Ali Campbell - You Can Cry On My Shoulder
  18. Macy Gray - Sexomatic Venus Freak
  19. Ani DiFranco - Wishin' and Hopin' I was stunned when I realized who sang this song. Stunned, I tell ya. It's so....not her!
  20. The Platters - Only You
  21. Manhattan Transfer - Java Jive When my daughter was a toddler, there was a gathering with lots of extended family. Someone was holding her, and began singing this song. Suddenly, the entire family joined in an acapella serenade, and she even tried to sing along. It's one of the most precious memories I have of those days.
  22. The Beautiful South - Dream A  Little Dream
  23. Sarah Vaughan - Dream
  24. Art Garfunkel - I Only Have Eyes For You

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